Sebastien Vettel enters turn one in Montreal.
  Scott Speed gets the thumbs up to leave the Toro Rosso garage and get back on track.
  Sebastien Vettel at 330 km per hour on the Start/Finish straight-away in Montreal.
  Lewis Hamilton driving for McLaren.
  Toro Rosso
  Fernando Alonso in the Paddock area trying to make reservations at Schwartz's.
  Fernando Alonso
  Torro Rosso
  The lovely Hera Grey
  Jenson Button, McLaren
  Mark Webber in the Red Bull Paddock.
  Toro Rosso over take Marussia at 320 kmph in the rain.
  Toro Rosso
  Red Bull Team Principle Chris Horner and Design Guru Adrian Newey smiling in the paddock after Seb Vettel wins pole postion in qualifying.
  Red Bull and Lotus battle for position exiting turn two in Montreal.
  Sunday Night post race Red Bull party at "the Globe".
  Force India
  Toro Roso
  Downhill ski racer Erik Guay
  Force India
  Sebastien Vettel enters turn two in Montreal.
  Sebastien Vettel and Mark Webber with young driver in the Red Bull Paddock.
  Mark Webber starts braking into turn one.
  Felipe Massa's Ferrari follows Fernando Alonso's exiting turn two in Montreal.
  Nico Rosberg drives his Mercedes between turns one and two.
  Sunday night action chez Globe on St. Laurent.
  Seb Vettel driving in the rain at 325 kmph on the start/finish straight-away.
  Spare parts...
  Seb Vettel rain driver extrodinaire.
  Toro Rosso thru wine splashed spectacles.
  Mark Webber...would rather be mountain biking.
  Red Bull's Mark Webber gets punted into turn one by his mate Lewis Hamilton in his McLaren.
  Mark Webber talks with his race engineer in the Red Bull paddock.
  Sebastien Vettel turn one in the rain.
  Fernando Alonso turn one.
  "Yes it's me, Fernando - pull over - I wanna pass!"
  Seb Vettel accelerates out of turn two.
  Mark Webber's allowance of tires for the weekend.
  Seb Vettel
  Toro Rosso
  Father and son F1 fans
  Red Ferrari chasing a Toro Rosso. 
  Toro Rosso
  Ambient light test at the Red Bull party Sunday night...
  Pirelli tire tec measures tire degradation in the Red Bull pit.
  Skid mark caused by brake lock-up.
  Vintage F1 Ferrari once driven by Gilles Villeneuve.    
  One for the ladies... Red Bull driver Mark Webber.
  Sebastien Vettel racing in the rain.    I hope you've been briefly entertained by these F1 pics!      Send me a comment!    John E
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